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Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua School
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Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua School
Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua School
Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua School
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Upcoming Events

Covid-19 Updates

40 Days for Life

This year the grade 6’ 7’ 40 Days for Life s and s participated in the 40 Days For Life Prayer Vigil to end abortion. We stood opposite a hospital that performs abortions and prayed for life. We witnessed for about an hour saying the Rosary and the Stations Of The Cross, taking turns saying the prayers. Overall, it was a nice experience and I recommend you go if you get the chance in the near future.

Speech Arts Festival

Speech Arts Festival I participated in the Speech Arts Festival in the Prepared Bible Reading category. I felt nervous at first. I was scared of everyone taking videos of me, like my dad. He took a video before, during and after my performance. My friend Collin also met my mom and dad at the festival. I was so scared. I could only look at my mom and dad once because I was so nervous. On top of that, after I was done, everyone started clapping. Afterwards, we went back to class. Some of my other classmates did their poetry recitations too. I hope they did well. 

By Connor — Grade 2 

This year’s Speech Arts Festival went something like this. You could choose to participate in the categories of Poetry, Character Recitation, Bible readings or a persuasive essay. While speech arts can be nerve racking, it’s all worth it when you know you are confident in your abilities. Classes gathered in the morning to recite choral recitations of poetry. This year had a great variety of poems, including E. E. Cummings. After the class speeches were done, it was time for the individual recitations. Despite the pandemic, there was no sign of rust on the students. They were confident, loud and clear! 

By Alexandra and Hazel — Grade 5

Special thanks to • • • 

• Adjudicators: Ms. Kate Ayre, Ms. Marhielle Gelera, Ms. Caroline Chan,  Mrs. Chrissy Kendrick 

• Parent Helpers: Mr. Vincent Lee, Mr. Abby Lee, and Mr. William Wong 

• All the St. Anthony students for great performances — Grade 5