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Life at St. Anthony

Thurs, Jun 13, 2024 6:00 pm Procession / 7:00 pm Mass / Fiesta immediately follows

St Anthony of Padua Feast Day Celebration

Thurs, Jun 20, 2024 3:00-7:00 pm

Parent Appreciation BBQ

Mon, Jun 24, 2024 1:30 pm

Talent Show
Walkathon 2024: Fundraising until May 24
Walkathon 2024 donations are now closed. Thank you for your generous support! If you would like to donate further to the Parish Centre / School AdditionPlease click here

Giving Campaign

Parish Centre School Addition - Fundraising Campaign
Our school is urgently in need of more space and essential facilities...Learn More

Thurs, SEPT 19, 2024 / 8:45-10:15 am

School Parent Alpha - Explore Life, Faith and Meaning
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Resources for Parents

Faith in Culture

Digital Minimalism: How to Live Better with Technology
One of the defining struggles of our generation is to balance the way technology occupies our attention and desire with our...

Identity & Purpose

Leading A Simple Life of Social Justice
In our Western culture, we often associate the word justice with some radical activism that includes public demonstrations and...

Faith in Culture

How to Navigate Some of Today's Most Pressing Issues
Research suggests that, on average, we make well more than 200 decisions every day about what we eat and drink. And yet, most...

What is Catholicism

Waste Not, Want Not: Catholic Social Teaching and Reducing Food Waste
“Pass those plates down to the food disposal,” Grandpa would inevitably boom at the end of each meal, scraping sandwich crusts...
Explore questions & be prepared to talk with your kids.

Alpha is an 11-week course designed to help you explore the basics of the Christian faith in a low-pressure, discussion-based environment.

Marriage & Parenting

6 Unique Ways Fathers Positively Influence Their Sons
My husband, Stan, was just seven months old when his dad died, and his mother never remarried. I have often wondered, How did...

Marriage & Parenting

8 Easy Ways That Dads Can Affirm their Kids
Dads have an important job description – to paint an accurate image of God the Father by the brush of their example. Dads have...

Marriage & Parenting

Bringing Up Boys
I am deeply grateful for the wisdom found in the writings of John Eldredge.  His books include, Waking the Dead, Wild at Heart,...

Marriage & Parenting

Three Things I’m Doing to Teach My Young Children About the Mass
Being a Catholic parent with young kids is one of the greatest blessings, but taking them to Mass on Sundays can often feel...
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