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Resources for Parents

Identity & Purpose

How to Bring Order to Your Life
When you clean and organize a room, you have to ask one very important question first: what is this room for? Once you can...

Identity & Purpose

How to Take Charge of Your Life
Are you the kind of person who is easily affected by the weather or other parts of your physical environment? Does a negative...

Fulfilling Desires

How Self-Care Can ‘Sharpen Your Saw’
Imagine trying to cut down a tree with a saw that has rounded teeth, or dicing a dozen tomatoes with a dull blade. You might be...

Fulfilling Desires

How I Found the True Meaning of 'Play’
It’s perhaps never been easier to have fun, but how often do we pause to consider what kind of fun we gravitate to and how it...
Explore questions & be prepared to talk with your kids.

Alpha is an 11-week course designed to help you explore the basics of the Christian faith in a low-pressure, discussion-based environment.

Identity & Purpose

Pope Francis: The Joy of the Resurrection is Very Close to Us
This joy is already inside, because it was given us on the day of our Baptism. Pope Francis gives four ways to nurture it. Like...

Hearing God's Voice

Ten Book Recommendations for Healing and Personal Retreat
Sometimes, settling down with a good book (or audio book!) can transform your heart just as much as an authentic chat with a...

Biblical Worldview

What Creation Teaches Us About the Creator
My breath catches in my chest as the valley opens up before my eyes. Tall, towering California black oak, ponderosa pine, and...

Who is Jesus

The Sacred Heart
Let me tell you about the time a religious sister used the term “Jansenism,” an old (but still present in some hearts,...
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