Fine Arts Program

The Fine Arts Program at St. Anthony of Padua offers students the opportunity to engage in the performing arts, enhance their communication skills, and enrich their appreciation of both music and drama as an art that communicates truth, goodness, and beauty.

In Music class, students explore a variety of music skills, from learning about music history to music theory, creating their own songs, appreciating various music genres from around the world, as well as developing personal connections with music that enables students to think critically and reflectively on how music impacts their lives. 

Students from K-7 take Drama classes once a week. By focusing on social-emotional skills and community building activities in class, students explore a variety of drama skills: voice, character, movement, creative problem-solving, and improv. Various disciplines in Theatre Education are explored from theatre history to mime, puppet and mask-work, monologues, stage design, and more.

The students also have the opportunity to engage in diverse theatrical experiences such as annual productions, frequent field trips to musicals, plays, and children's theatre, as well as participating in acting workshops.

All students get to showcase their talents in the annual Christmas play, the Fine Arts production in the Spring term, a talent show at the end of the school year, and the annual Speech Arts Festival. For the Speech Arts Festival, St. Anthony of Padua students participate in choric speech, Bible reading, poetry recitation, and individual speeches. For students who love to sing, St. Anthony’s Intermediate Choir performs at the annual Christmas concert hosted by Aberdeen Centre and participates in choral music festivals in the Spring. Students are also taught hymns of praise and worship that are shared with our parish community during School Masses.

Throughout a student’s career at St. Anthony of Padua School, it is our aim that through his or her engagement in these Fine Arts opportunities,  he or she will build self-confidence, improve communication skills, learn to work with a team, and gain a lifelong appreciation for the Arts.