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On this page you will find many useful resources that will help you to participate well in the Speech Arts Festival.

Primary students can prepare for performances in the following categories: Bible reading, poetry recitation and prose recitation. Intermediate students can perform in the Bible Reading, Poetry Recitation, Character Recitation and Persuasive Speech categories. For more information on the requirements for each category, see the General Guidelines below.

In the Poetry category, students can choose any poem they wish. Poetry lists are linked below and are only suggestions. In selecting your poem, please be sure you consult the General Guidelines to make sure your poem fits the criteria. Poems must be memorized.  If you’re not sure or confused about this, your teacher can help you.

The Bible readings are also linked below. You will need to prepare three Bible readings. The one you perform at the festival will be chosen at random. You do not need to memorize the Bible readings, but you should practice them to perfection.

The Prose Recitation category is for primary students only. A selection of readings will be made available, from which students will choose one. This should be committed to memory, although students will be allowed to have a copy of the reading in their hand to aid in their performance.

The Persuasive Speech category is for intermediate students only. Students write their own speech and present it with the purpose of persuading others of their point of view on a controversial issue.  Students are permitted to use cue cards in delivering this speech.

The Character Recitation category is for Intermediate students only and only occurs at the St. Anthony of Padua Speech Arts Festival.

The adjudication forms are linked below. It is important you understand each of the criteria on these forms. Your teacher will go over them in the classroom. Parents can help at home by judging the performance based on this criteria and giving feedback.


Links to Forms and Resources

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