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St. Anthony of Padua School in Vancouver’s Parish Centre Project is a redevelopment project which is now within reach. The goal of the project is twofold; to redevelop the current St. Anthony campus and while doing so strengthen the community surrounding St. Anthony – our Catholic Elementary School in Marpole, Vancouver, B.C., as well as the St. Anthony of Padua Parish. 

Building on the efforts of past generations, we must unite with a determined effort to redevelop the St. Anthony campus by starting with the Parish Centre Project. Faced by very tangible and present financial needs, St. Anthony of Padua’s pastor, Father Justin, and Fundraising committees have led the way and committed an incredible level of support towards the Parish Centre Project.

Catholic Schools share a mission to proclaim and bring forth the reign of God. St. Anthony of Padua, as a Faith community, is committed to excellence in Catholicity and in promoting the development of the child so that he or she can reach their full potential, and can thrive in their adult life as a true leader in society and champion of their faith. 

St. Anthony of Padua strives to develop Christian leaders, responsible citizens and life-long learners. As a member of the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese, St. Anthony of Padua delivers on this shared mission of the Catholic School.  

By helping families mold the minds and hearts of young people, it in turn infuses its surrounding Marpole community and the Vancouver lower mainland with faithful citizens of strong moral and character values. Many Vancouver families and workplaces benefit from the Catholic education and environment St. Anthony provides and we proudly share a responsibility in helping St. Anthony of Padua School continue providing excellent education for our young children.


For almost 80 years, extraordinary sacrifices have been made to build the necessary facilities for St. Anthony’s School, which began in the church basement. The first school building was planned in 1941 and finished in 1942, and in 1961 an additional building was constructed to house the increased student population. The original building was demolished in 2000 to make way for a larger expansion, completed in 2001. Today, as our school continues to grow and classrooms are filled to capacity, we are tasked with building a new and necessary seismically-upgraded facility – the Parish Centre School Addition.

Since 2008, St. Anthony’s Parish community has been working tirelessly towards the creation of a Parish Centre, which will provide our school and parish communities with the amenities we are genuinely in need of. These include:

5,300 sq. ft. multi-purpose room / gymnasium

Boys & girls lockers and washrooms

Music Room

Stage for performances

Youth Centre & Seniors Centre

3 classrooms

Principal’s and Registrar’s offices

Full kitchen

Rooftop playgroup

Underground parking

Imagine the activities held at the Parish Centre which will provide our students, parishioners and families with spiritual, educational, physical and community enrichment:

Plays & Concerts

Celebrations & receptions

Meetings & presentations

Fundraising events

P.E. classes and sports activities

Classes for children, youth, & adults

Community service events

Community gatherings

The continued efforts and support of the parish have buoyed this project through the years and truly represent the generosity of its members. We are now counting on the generosity of the school community, especially since the students, staff, community members, and families of our school will be the biggest beneficiaries of the Parish Centre, the top priority being the enrichment of our children’s educational experience, as well as a safe environment to learn and play in. 

After 80 years of growth and success at St. Anthony of Padua, the facilities require an upgrade, in order that St. Anthony can continue its mission and better serve the South Vancouver Catholic community.

After professional seismic assessment of the School and Parish buildings in 2015, it is discovered that the old areas of the schools as well as the entire Parish building needs seismic upgrading. After carefully considering the responsibility St. Anthony of Padua has to better serve its community and of the elementary school educational environment, the pastor and St. Anthony’s Development Committee have united in planning the redevelopment of St. Anthony’s campus. The decision was made to use this opportunity as an investment in the future of the St. Anthony’s Catholic community by building facilities that can support the vibrant academic and extra-curricular programs of St. Anthony.


The success of this building project hinges on investment and involvement from every part of the greater St. Anthony community.

Father Justin, pastor at St. Anthony of Padua Parish and the St. Anthony of Padua Community invite you to get involved and combine your efforts through our St. Anthony Capital Campaign. Donor naming opportunities are available and all donations are tax receipt-able including pledges up to 3 years towards the Campaign. This is an opportunity for you to make a contribution which will greatly impact the future of the St. Anthony Marpole Vancouver Catholic Elementary School. The support you give will help build a school and community by helping St. Anthony of Padua continue its mission of Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our Director for the School Capital Campaign, Mrs. Ali Cameron, by emailing for further questions.